Life Selector Credits Generator v 3.1 – Add Free Life Selector Credits

 Life Selector Credits Generator v 3.1 – Add Free Life Selector Credits.

Life Selector the best Interactive Porn Game Online where you can play and direct your own porn fantasy with real pornstars. We present you our new Life Selector Credits Hack, reviewed and daily updated, Life Selector Credits Generator v 3.1 created by

Register a New Free Account at through the banner presented below. The Life Selector Credits Generator v 3.1 is directly linked through this banner to 

Q:What’s New?

A: Adding minimum 1000 Life Selector Credits and a maximum of 5000 Credits Free.

Q: Does Life Selector Credits Generator v 2.02 and v 3.0 still works?

A: Yes, it works with different Download Mirrors! You can Download it here and here.

Video Tutorial Life Selector Credits Hack Proof


Tutorial How to use Life Selector Credits Generator v3.1

1. First create a new account by clicking this LifeSelector link.

2. Download the Software.

3. Enter Email you registered on

4. Choose Life Selector amount of Credits.

5. Check Use Proxy.

6. Click on Start button and wait a few seconds.

7. After you have confirmation that the Hack has been completed click on Done button.

8. Go to Life Selector Official website, login and Have Fun!

Note: Create a new account and use Life Selector Credits Generator v3.1 on the Fresh new account. Create a new account through the banner offered by We are sorry if  the program didn’t work for some of you guys. This will definitely boost your account with extra Credits and play Online the latest Life Selector Interactive Porn Games. Enjoy!

 Download New Life Selector Credits Generator v 3.1

NOTE: You’ll never find a working Life Selector Hack hosted on websites with No Surveys. This way we protect the hacks files.


download          download2

Mirror 3 – MediaFire Download


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  1. Swanko Reply

    this is working if i create an account through the banner?! I understood correctly?

  2. Marcus Reply

    Incredible, so much credits added with this program. Thanks Guys!

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